WUM Design is your expert in the area of exhibitions and events. Wherever you meet your clients and business partners in the scope of an event, this is where we come into play.

Ideally, the goal of an exhibition or event is to present your company and your brand to customers and potential new customers in such a vivid and positive way that your target group remembers you well long after the event. A marketing expert would speak of Live-Communication. This is not an easy task. On the contrary- to achieve this ambitious goal each and every time is setting a huge challenge. Pursuing this goal we would like to offer you our extensive knowledge and sound experience- WUM Design was formed as early as in 1963- in every aspect related to your project.

Backed by a workforce of more than 27 skilled and dedicated employees we are very well placed in the market. You will be convinced by our competent staff, by our architects, carpenters, varnishers and fitters onsite- because quality is the decisive criterion in the selection of our employees. Not only does a competent, skilled and stress-resistant team help you transform your ideas, but they also look forward to supporting you any time before, during and after an event.

Working from four sites in Aschaffenburg, Cologne, Stuttgart and Cooper City, Florida, WUM Design provides you with a full-scale service guaranteed for projects at Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, or Munich, as well as for those at, for example, Paris, Barcelona, Shanghai or Bangkok since operating internationally is a matter of course for us.